FYI re: Bus Bid

June 23, 2009

Some of the Stimulus money through FTA will be used to purchase buses in Idaho.  This process requires that here must be a “bid” open to bus vendors.  Treasure Valley Transit is acting as “lead agency” or, in other words, the point people for questions, etc.  ITD is supplying us with documents that will be posted on this website.  The legal notice, when published, will refer people (vendors) to this website.  For the general public – this isn’t significant and probably extremely confusing…. so….  just letting you know!  Peggy


Snake River Transit progress

October 8, 2008

The SRT route started out slow – as all new routes do… but it is encouraging to see the numbers grow.  Definitely the word needs to get out.  Today I will be speaking at the Ontario Kiwnais club – telling them about the TVT history and the start up of the SRT and asking their help to get the word out.  I bet they will appreciate a speaker that, as many speakers do, asks for support but that doesn’t cost anything!!!  Next week – the 16th, SRT will start charging fares.  I would like to see more and more people using public transit as a eco-responsible thing to do.

Snake River Transit

September 16, 2008

Finally the Snake River Transit is up and operational.  A tenative date of Sept. 2nd had to be pushed back, however as of Sept. 15th – it is in operation.  If you live in the Fruitland / Payette Idaho or Ontario Oregon you can see the nice new buses circulating around.  Through October 15th – there will be no fares collected – yes FREE FREE FREE.  More information can be found on their own website –  Be sure and check it out and let me know your comments!

Tweaking Tamarack

June 23, 2008

The Valley County Connections service has been a great success.  This service is a coordinated effort with the Tamarack Resort.  Our service runs from McCall through Donnelly to Cascade and back again.  At Donnelly riders were able to transfer to a bus going to the Tamarack Resorts.  The end of June will mark a full year of operation.  We are reviewing ridership and checking for efficiencies – as is Tamarack service.  There may be ‘tweaks’ to service, including slight reduction during the ‘shoulder seasons’ by Tamarack, etc.  but there will be notice before any of this would be put into effect.  With gas prices rising – our costs are up – but so is the reason to ride public transit.  Hope you are enjoying the service.

Mountain Home City route expansion

February 13, 2008

February was the launch of the expanded Mountain Home City route. The route was lenghtened from every half hour to a full hour so that the route encompassed more areas to better serve more people in the community. The new brochures are out – they are BLUE – not green (if you have a green one – toss it). The map is on the website as is the new time points. Please feel free to comment as a reply to this post.

The Latest!!

July 18, 2007

Wow, I have been very lax at keeping up on TVT news. 

On July 2nd TVT, in coordination with Tamarack Resorts, began a service for citizens in Cascade, Lakeview, Donnely and McCall.  The service meets with a shuttle to the Tamarack Resort.  The TVT service begins at 6:15 at McCall City Hall with stops at McCall’s Ridley Market, Lakefork Merc, Donnely’s Roseberry Plaza, Cascade’s Ashly Inn and Harpo’s in Cascade.  This will take one hour and then the route will run in reverse the next hour.  Tamarack will operate a bus with the same stops – starting at 6:15 at Harpos doing the reverse of the stops.  This will provide service every hour.  A schedule will be posted on the website once the times are “tweaked”.  Please call if you have any questions.  This service is called the Valley County Connections.

In Elmore County, we are happy to report that the city council has approved funding for city service in Mountain Home.  The service will continue for another year at least.

TVT is moving into a new location, finally getting a place of their own.  A little more work is to be done – resurfacing of the lot and striping – but we are very excited to have our buses and office in one location.  We hope to be having a “grand opening” soon – I will try to post it on the blog. 

Bus Deviation

February 15, 2007

On February 28 and March 1 – the Base Route will run an altered route.  This is mandated by the base because of an excersize they are conducting.  I will try to get a map up, or in the very least – the verbal explanation of the route change.

Happy Holidays

December 7, 2006

Christmas and New Years are approaching.  Christmas means different things to everybody – but we hope it brings happiness and peace to you and yours.  The New Year signifys a new beginning – although any day of your life can be a new beginning if you so chose.  We at TVT hope that the season is all it should be for you.  We appreciate your friendship and patronage.


November 9, 2006

The bus service will not be running in Mountain Home on Friday November 10 (Veteran’s Day) and Thursday November 23rd and Friday November 24th (Thanksgiving).  

Training Day

November 3, 2006

One of our trainers, Bill Jordan, just completed a training in Defensive Drivng for Senior Center Drivers throughout the Treasure Valley.   Fifteen people from 13 centers became certified in Defensive Driving on October 31.  We have had 2 senior center drivers receive PASS certification and hope to set up training for more in this.  We have two PASS trainers on staff.  We also offer CPR / First Aid certification.  As the rural transit provider in an eight county area we are doing our part to not only grow transit options, but to do it right.