Snake River Transit progress

The SRT route started out slow – as all new routes do… but it is encouraging to see the numbers grow.  Definitely the word needs to get out.  Today I will be speaking at the Ontario Kiwnais club – telling them about the TVT history and the start up of the SRT and asking their help to get the word out.  I bet they will appreciate a speaker that, as many speakers do, asks for support but that doesn’t cost anything!!!  Next week – the 16th, SRT will start charging fares.  I would like to see more and more people using public transit as a eco-responsible thing to do.


2 Responses to “Snake River Transit progress”


    Woul like to know telephone numbers how to reach bus service and also, also fares , and also can one take baggage aboard?–Thanks ,,Richard Moore

  2. Peggy Hubbell Says:

    For anyone wanting information on the Snake River Transit – they can check out their website at

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